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Pledges of Choi Daeho, the Mayor of Anyang

I promise to make the 5 visions and 17 policies a reality with you.

Anyang where the residents lead
1. Anyang will establish direct democracy with participation of its residents.
- Keep the Mayor's office open to everyone
- Re-establish the resident participation (communication) committee
- Operate policy proposal platforms for the residents
- Make open administration and provide real time disclosure of budget/balance
2. Make Anyang a city of culture and arts led by the residents
- Increase support for weekend festivals of culture and arts, and other culture projects
- Initiate innovative program for Anyang Public Art Project (APAP)
- Revitalize and support the activities of culture and arts in Anyang

Anyang where family lives are supported
3. Happy Anyang where women are considered firstly
- Support setup of postnatal care public centers and provide expense support for new mothers to use the facilities
- Establish a new safety division for women
- Enhance support projects for women with customized jobs
- Develop public jobs for women with career interruptions
- Initiate establishment of Anyang multi-cultural support center
4. The best childcare city for Moms feeling comfortable
- Run child care centers for 24 hours located in 4 sections of Anyang and increase support for the educational environments of the centers
- Increase support for teachers and other employees of the centers
- Extend the child care centers in elementary schools to all grades and increase all day child care centers during school breaks
- Support rotational placements of special education teachers
- Establish a standing committee where moms can participate in the child care policies of Anyang
5. Provide special support to solve a low birthrate
- Support (soon to be)new married couples for security deposit and with low interest rates
- Establish a new division dedicated to population policy and assistance
- Increase support for a childbirth grant
- Mayor holds a welcome event every month
6. Anyang that takes charge of quality of education
- Implement full free education in Anyang
- Increase support for educational environment improvement and initiate to set up regional youth cultural centers
7. Anyang where you can get support to plan your 2nd stage of life
- Establish a support center for baby boomers
- Develop public jobs adequate for the middle-aged

Anyang where everybody can live well
8. Anyang where young people are moving in
- Create Smart-Town for Young People in Seoksu·Indeogwon
- Promote and support direct investment for startups established by young entrepreneurs
- Increase hiring quotas for young people at Anyang city and its affiliates
- Create a new division for developing policies for young people
9. Economic city where everybody lives well together
- Create Anyang Economy Promotion Foundation
- Promote traditional markets with themes
- Create a variety of systems to support social enterprises
- Provide fundamental solutions for Love Anyang Vouchers (regional paper money)
10. Urban regeneration led by its residents
- Create an Anyang Urban Regeneration School
- Increase support for communities and their media
- Increase support for replacement of old plumbing and elevators in multi-unit dwellings
11. Supportive Anyang where the disabled can live well together
- Establish a multi-cultural center for the disabled
- Run Happy Bus for the disabled to experience culture tours
- Increase support for people with developmental disabilities with jobs
- Increase special transportation services dedicated to the disabled
- Play barrier free films regularly

Clean and Safe Anyang
12. Increase support for policies and solutions to prevent fine dust
- Support installment of air purifiers and replacement of air filters at day care centers, child care centers, schools and senior community centers
- Promote move-out of hazardous material producing facilities and supervise them carefully (Remicon factory, Ascon factory, Redevelopment site, etc.)
- Create ‘theme forests’ such as City Forest, School Forest, Pollution trapping Forest at regular traffic jam points, and Breezing Wind Road Forest.
- Support for promotion of environment friendly cars and charging/fueling facilities
- Increase support to build and maintain green yards on the top of buildings
- Carry out environmental effects evaluation of GS Power again
13. Anyang, the safest city
- Create Anyang safety division
- Food safety, supervision of environment, traffic guidance at school zones, and safe return of women to homes
- Establish an Anyang Food Support Center
- Establish child care houses for abused children

Anyang with coordinated development
14. High-tech city that leads the Fourth Industrial Revolution
- Promote establishment of Intel and SK Telecom business R&D centers
- Promote a pilot city for the national smart city project
- Promote Indeogwon as a business cluster related to a smart city
- Increase support for talents specialized in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
15. Anyang with innovative transportation solutions to everywhere
- Open new subway stations (Bakdal, Bisan, and Anyang Elementary School stations)
- Open new express bus routes in Bakdal
- Promote a new GTX stop at Indeogwon station (10 min to Gangnam)
- Open new facilities for commuters at subway stations
- Adjust and open bus routes based on input from the residents
- Open or improve taxi stops and regional rest places
16. Anyang where seniors are respected
- Promote establishment of National Dementia Care Center and hospitals specialized in dementia treatment in Anyang
- Create Anyang Complex Silver Town
- Build regional senior welfare community centers (job support center for seniors)
- Support extension of senior community centers into family community centers
17. Anyang where you can enjoy weekends
- Support sports clubs with sports facility fees
- Make regional ecological playgrounds, playgrounds in forest, and playgrounds for pets
- Improve facilities at the Byungmok Camping Ground and Gwanaksan mountain Forest Park