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Pyeongchon Food Street

Pyeongchon Food Street has everything related to food
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  • Pyeongchon Food Street2
  • The Pyeongchon Food Street is currently among the trial locations for culture and food that are being administered by the Gyeonggi province. When Pyeongchon Shindoshi (“new town”) was developed in the 1990’s a road was built through the center of it. It is currently located in between to Gwiin-dong and Shinchon-dong. Here in this “restaurant village” you will find traditional and local food as well as a food culture that can only be found in Gyeonggi province. Every year, the Business District Prosperity Association puts on a food festival that attracts many people. The festival offers the city residents who visit not only food, but a variety of events and even exciting attractions for them to enjoy.
  • Click here to watch a video introducing the Food Street called “according to taste and style” You can get close to many different pieces of food culture on this food street that symbolizes Pyeongchon Shindoshi.

  • Location : Anyang, Dongan-gu Guiin-dong, Shinchon-dong
  • Number of restaurants : 120

  • Seoul Outer Ring Expressway → Pyeongchon IC → Guiin Middle School ap (in front of Guuin Middle School)
  • Yeongdong Expressway → North Suwon IC → Gunpo city → Pyeongchon-dong → Guiin Middle School ap (in front of Guiin Middle School)
  • Buses that pass through the food street : 1, 3, 22, 5-2, 52, 52-1, 8407. 8409, 333, 3330, 7 (shuttle bus)