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Gwanaksan (Mt. Gwanak )

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There are 5 “rocky mountains” (their names include the word “ak” which means that the mountain has lots of rocks) in Gyeonggi that have traditionally been referred to as Sogumkang, Collectively. The four other mountains are Songaksan in Gaeseong, Gamaksan in Paju, Unaksan in Pocheon, and Hwaaksan in Gapyeong.
Yeonju-am is located 400m to the south of Yeonjudae. During the 11th year of the reign of Joseon Taejong (1411), the second prince Hyoryeong Daegun moved it to its current location. It was originally from Gwanak Temple, which had been built directly below it by Ambassador Uisang in AD 677 (the 17th year of the reign of the Shilla king Munmu).
The Gwanaksan forest path covers a distance of 5.6 km and stretches from the entrance to Chunguidae at the backside of the Sports Complex to Gwanyang 1-dong Ganchon. There are also access points located behind Gwanyang High School and in Gwanchon Maeul (village). The forest is very green and people seek out the places providing instruction about natural things as well as the mineral springs.

Location : Seoul, Gwanak-gu Sillim-dong and Anyang, Seoksu-dong

Mountain hiking course
  • Mountain hiking course #1
    • Hyundai (Ah) → Nature Study Location → first flag pole → palbong → Yeonjudae → Gwanaksan
    • Distance : 4.2km, time : approx. 3 hrs.
  • Mountain hiking course #2
    • Ganchon mineral spring → Gwansang mineral spring → first flag pole → palbong → Yeonjudae → Gwanaksan
    • Distance : 3.6km, time : approx. 3 hrs.
  • Mountain hiking course #3
    • Entrance to Naebisan → Maecheon (Mae Stream) mineral spring → Seolcheon (Seol Stream) mineral spring → observation tower → Gancheon (Gan Stream) mineral spring
    • (distance : 5.7km, time : approx. 2 hrs.)