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Samseongsan (Mt. Samseong )

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Samseongsan is a good mountain for hiking because it is connected to Gwanaksan. A flagpole has been installed in between Gwanaksan and Samseongsan on Ambongdo which is 446 meters high. Samseongsan is a rocky mountain that continues to rise from its starting point which is a ridge that spreads out west of Gwanaksan.
Ambassadors Hyo and Euisang, along with Yunpil, built the Buddhist temple known as Samak Temple and practiced Asceticism. The name of Samseongsan is said to originate from a story.
In the 17th year of the reign of the Shilla king Munmu (677 AD), the temple of Samak was founded. Also, Anyang Temple was built during the reign of the Goryeo king Taejo, and there are many temples on the various ridges of the mountainsuch as Yeombul-am and Mangwol-am, etc.
There is a 5km section of forest path that starts at the entrance to Anyang Art Park, passes through Anyang Temple and then through the first and second observation towers. Finally it, ends at the Albaro Shija Exhibition hall. There are also cultural relics that can be seen at the entrance to Anyang Art Park.

Location : Seoul, Gwanak-gu Sillim-dong and Anyang, Seoksu-dong

Mountain hiking course
  • Mountain hiking course #1
    • Anyang Art Park→ first observation tower → second observation tower → ridge resting point → Samak Temple (distance : 5.1km, time : approx. 2 hrs. 30mins.)
  • Mountain hiking course #2
    • Entrance to Gwanak Arboreteum → Sangbul-am→ Samak Temple (distance : 3.1km, time : approx. 2 hrs.)
  • Mountain hiking course #3
      Entrance to Yeombul Temple → Yeombul Temple→ Samak Temple (distance : 2.9km, time : approx. 1 hr. 40mins.)
  • Mountain hiking course #4
    • Gwanak Ean (Ah)→ Bulyeong-am→ Chanu Water → Samak Temple (distance : 4.5km, time : approx. 2 hrs.)