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Support for the health of the mother and her child

Support for mother and child helper

Our support for a mother and her child for a family that has just given birth, allows us to provide a house visitation service. We want to help with managing the health of newborns and reducing the financial burden on the family.
  • Place of application: Health center of the area where the mother resides (according to her resident registration)
  • Application period : from 40 days before the due date to 20 days after having given birth
  • Application documents : health insurance card, mother’s ID card, certificate of payment of health insurance, bank account number, Confirmation document for paying the health insurance fee
  • Subject: Health insurance subscribers who gave birth to a child and have a monthly income of below 50% of the national average
  • Cost paid by applicant : either 46,000 or 92,000 won
Details about the support : dispatch a helper to the family for the mother and her child (normal: 12 days, for twins: 18 days)

Support for medical fees for premature babies and children with an inborn infirmity

For those families who have given birth to a premature baby or a child with an infirmity and are having financial difficulties, we offer support for the medical fees that are brought to bear upon the families. We offer our support to help reduce the financial burden on the family's finances and to help the newborn to be healthy and to grow normally.
  • application period :Application shall be filed within six months from the day of leaving the hospital
  • eligibility : those families with a premature baby or a baby with an infirmity whose monthly income is less than 150% that of the national average for a family
  • application documents : Health insurance card, confirmation document for paying the health insurance fee, bankbook, receipt for medical fees (original copy), birth certificate, written diagnosis (needed only for children with congenital anomaly)
  • details about the support : covers medical fees for the newborn that is in need of medical treatment or surgery and has been admitted to a hospital immediately after being born

Managing registrations of pregnant women

  • applicable to : pregnant females in Anyang (including foreign brides)
  • application materials : pregnant female notebook, ID card
  • details of this operation
    • provide health counseling and information/blood tests (rubella, hepatitis B, anemia, sexual diseases, etc.)
    • support for nutritional supplements (Folic acid supplement: less than 12 weeks, iron supplement: from week 20 ~ 2 months after birth)
    • Distribution of a coupon for a free test for deformities (week 15~20)
  • running a program that teaches childbirth preparation

distribution of a coupon for a free auditory test for finding problems in newborn

We would like to help minimize the after-effects caused by social adjustment problems and language handicaps that result from hearing difficulties, by detecting such innate hearing difficulties when they are in their early stages and facilitating surgery for rehabilitative treatment and artificial aids.
  • eligibility : newborns belonging to a family below the 200% level of cost of living
  • application period : from 60 days before the due date to immediately after giving birth
  • institutions doing the inspection : nation-wide parturition institutes
  • application documents : health insurance card, certificate of proof of having paid health insurance, A copy of resident registration

Nutrition plus

We offer services for pregnant women and their infants who have a poor state of nutrition. Such services include nutritional assessment, nutrition education and counseling, food supplement supply, etc. By changing the intake of nutrition for the better, we hope to instill the ability to manage one’s dietary lifestyle by oneself.
  • eligibility : among pregnant woman, infants, and women who have given birth and who are below the 200% level for lowest cost of living, those who are in nutritional danger
  • details about the service : Nutritional evaluation (Height, weight, test for anemia)/ nutritional counseling and education/ supply of food supplements

Support for parents having difficulty getting pregnant

There is financial support available for infertile parents who are interested in conception who are within the allowable income bracket and who want special infertility procedures such as a test tube baby procedure.
  • period : throughout the year
  • eligibility : individuals who work in the city, have an average monthly income less than 150% of the average, women less than 44 years old, who want to have infertility surgery
  • details about the support
    • in vitro fertilization procedure, etc. : Support on IVF (up to six times)/Implant of fresh embryo (three times, each within 1.8 million KRW)/Implant of frozen-thawed embryo (three times, each within 0.6 million KRW)/Implant of fresh embryo will be supported up to four times in case there is no frozen-thawed embryo/3 million KRW for the recipient of national basic livelihood guarantees
    • Artificial insemination : Support limit for each operation: 0.5 million KRW (same for the recipient of national basic livelihood guarantees)/ Support provided for up to three operations
  • how to apply : required documents and application are submitted to the health clinic ⇒ issuance of notification concerning the decision to offer support ⇒ you can go ahead with the procedure after having received notification of the decision and at the designated facility
  • application documents : Written diagnosis (original copy), health insurance card, confirmation document for paying the health insurance fee

Infant medical check-up

A program that conducts medical check-ups is provided in a manner that is appropriate for an infant’s age and to insure that the infant develops normally.
  • diseases especially targeted : growth/development/ auditory/visual abnormalities, obesity, safety accidents, dental cavities, sudden infant death syndrome, etc.
  • check-up procedure : the National health insurance will send each family a check-up slip ⇒ make a reservation at the check-up institution and get the check-up (fill out the medical check-up form) ⇒ receive notification of the results from the institution
  • phone inquiries : ☎ +82-1577-1000 (check-up institutions, period, contents, etc. )

Nationally mandated Vaccinations

When you receive the nationally mandated vaccinations at applicable hospitals the shots are free
  • Free vaccination: 12 types [BCG (tuberculosis/intradermal), hepatitis B, DTaP (diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus), HIb (encephalomeningitis) chickenpox, IPV (polio), MMR(measles/mumps/rubella), Japanese encephalitis (salk vaccine), Td/Tdap(tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis), DTaP-IPV(diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis/polio)
  • designated hospitals : 98hospitals within Anyang
Vaccinations at Health Clinics
  • administration time : 09:00~12:00 (elem. students can come until 3 PM), and BCG shots are only administered on Wednesdays
  • eligibility : the 12 types of nationally mandated vaccinations for children under the age of 12, for a maximum of 26 times.(19 when receiving combo vaccine, live vaccine)
  • what to prepare : baby's information (national ID number or foreigner ID number), baby’s notebook (with a record of shot-related information)
  • the standard designated vaccinations for infants
the standard designated vaccinations for infant
for which infectious disease type of vaccine and method vaccination schedule
tuberculosis BCG(via skin) birth ~ 1 month old
B hepatitis HepB (at 0-1-6 months) first time from birth ~ 1 month then 0,1,6 mos. thereafter
Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio DTaP 2, 4, 6, 15 mos. ~18 mos., 4~6 yrs. old
Td (for adults) 11~ 12 yrs. old
polio IPV (dead vaccine) 2, 4, 6, 4~6 yrs. old
measles, mumps, , rubella MMR 12 mos.~15 mos., 4~6 yrs. old
chickenpox Var 12 mos.~15 mos.
Japanese encephalitis JEV(dead vaccine) 1 yrs. old 2 times, 2 yrs. old, 6 yrs. old, 12 yrs. old
Hemophilus influenza B Hib 2-4-6 months, 12-15 months
  • ※ there are other vaccines available for a fee (limited to those germs of a very dangerous nature)
    • B-hepatitis (4,000 won), typhoid (4,000 won), epidemic hemorrhagic fever (7,500 won)