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Sports teams

Anyang KGC Professional Basketball Team

The Anyang KGC professional basketball team was created in 2005 and is popular for its smooth plays and high level of skill. The veterans and the rookies join forces to take up the challenge of victory. The Anyang KGC Basketball lessons were created to teach children excellent basketball skills, exercise abilities, and social skills

Sports teams

Inquiries : ☎ +82-31-8045-2145
Homepage : http://www.kgcsports.com

The Anyang Halla Ice Hockey Team

The Anyang Halla was created in September 2004 to become the strongest Korean domestic ice hockey team. The home rink for the Anyang Halla is the Anyang indoor ice skating rink. They have become No. 1 in the regular league and they are the first Korean team to have ever won the champion match of the Asian league. As a result, they have racked up an impressive record and appeared in numerous competitions, both in Korea and abroad.

Inquiries : ☎ +82-31-8045-2145
Homepage : http://www.anyanghalla.com

FC Anyang (Football Club Anyang)

The club plays for K League Challenge. Since 2013, the year when K League first adapted an elevation & degradation system, FC Anyang entered the K League Challenge.
On October 10, 2012, Anyang City Council decided to establish a professional football club. After organizing a foundation, the football club initiated a draft system in December to form a team. FC Anyang played for the second division of K League (or K League Challenge) in 2013. When the decision to establish a professional football club was confirmed, the foundation opened an online club naming contest, and decided to name the club ‘FC Anyang.’ The inaugural ceremony took place on February 2, 2013, where an emblem with the purple color (the symbolic color of Anyang City) and a purple uniform were announced.
In 2014, FC Anyang created the slogan ‘All 4 One,’ aiming to make it to the semifinals of the K League Challenge. Apparently, the ‘4’ in the slogan represents the city’s goal of making it to the semifinals. To accomplish this goal, the citizens, football fans, sponsors and the club all joined together, expressing their promise to stick together, make sacrifices for one another, and care for others.

Inquiries : ☎ +82-31-476-3377
Homepage : http://www.fc-anyang.com/