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Athletic facilities

Tennis Court Facility Status

Tennis Court Facility Statu
Name of facility Location Scale Association entrusted with management Operating conditions
area (㎡) Number
total 5 14,622 24 Use times: 06:00~24:00

Usage fee :
weekday (day 3,500 won, night 6,500 won),
Sat. & holidays (day 5,000 won, night 9,500 won)
Sports Complex tennis courts Bisan -3dong 4,020 6 Anyang Tennis Association
Hogye Park tennis courts Hogye -2dong 3,557 6
Central Park tennis courts Pyeongan-dong 2,196 4
City Hall tennis courts Burim-dong 2,902 4
Free Park tennis courts Galsan-dong 1,947 4 Citizen’s Lifestyle Athletic Anyang
Tennis Association
  • Inquiries : Anyang Tennis Association ☎ +82-31-382-3175
Changpakgol Athletic Facilities
There is an inline skating rink, a gate bowling field, basketball courts, foot volleyball courts, and badminton courts installed on top of the Changpakgol water reservoir. We would like for the local residents to make full use of these athletic facilities as they were created to help your health and to promote your hobbies and leisure activities.
  • List of facilities : inline roller rink (1), gate bowling field (1), basketball court (1), foot volleyball court (1), badminton courts (2)
  • Usage times
Usage times
summer season (Mar~Oct) 06:00 ~ 22:00 free
winter season (Nov~Feb) 06:00 ~ 22:00 free
  • Facility repair : Education and Sports Dept. Athletic Facilities Team (☎ +82-31-8045-5603)

Western Archery Practice Field

Western Archery Practice Field
Name of facility Location Area Building Area Details about facility Size of place for competitions Notes
Archery Field Dong-an gu Bisan-dong 488-113
(inside the Bisan water reservoir)
6,720㎡ 690.4㎡ winter season
training area, executive suites, meeting room, judge’s room
Western Archery Association
  • Inquiries : Anyang Western Archery Association ☎ +82-31-443-1440

Korean Archery Practice Field

Korean Archery Practice Field
Name of facility Location Area Building area Details about facility Notes
Korean archery field Dongan-gu Hogye-dong 1112-1
(inside the Pyeongchon water reservoir)
21,737㎡ 370.02㎡ targets 3, shooting places 21
management area
Korean Archery Association
  • Inquiries : Anyang Korean Archery Association ☎ +82-31-456-6467