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Inline skating rink

The Anyang inline skating rink was opened May 12, 2006. It can accommodate 5,000 people and is equipped with a track rink, road rink, and figure skating rink.

It was erected in a 28,158㎡ area in Dongan-gu Bisan -3dong. One of its unique characteristics is that the 200m long, 8m wide speed rink and the 400m road rink were both built in a single location. It was also in the Anyang inline skating rink that the 2006 World Roller Athletes Competition was held. Followed, in March 2007, by the 26th Korean Men’s and Women’s Inline Roller Competition.

Times open for use : summer season (10:00~23:00), winter season (10:00~21:00)
Status of the facilities
Status of the facilities
Name of facility Location Size Notes
inline roller rink Bisan-dong 156-6 speed track(200m),
road track(400m)
28,156㎡ (area)
inline practice rink inside Central Park 800㎡ Greenery and Parks Dept. (+82-31-8045-5023)
Changpakgol water 500㎡ Education and Sports Dept. (+82-31-8045-5603)
Seoksu Athletic Park 1,725㎡ Education and Sports Dept. (+82-31-8045-5603)
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  • Please refer to the homepage of the Korean Inline Roller Federation (http://www.krsf.or.kr) if you have any questions related to the inline roller competition schedule or for other items.