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Sports complex

The main stadium
  • The sports complex is located at the base of Gwanaksan and was built in 1986. It is open for the purpose of being used freely to promote the health of city residents. The grass of the main stadium is actually real, natural grass that is high-quality and that persists throughout all four seasons. Not only does it have natural grass, but the stadium is equipped with a variety of exercise facilities that residents can conveniently use whenever they please. Moreover, the stadium can be used to attract citizen events and even competitions on the national scale. All of these factors make for a sports stadium that lives up to the expectations of the citizens and can live out its role as an, all-around sports town.

Swimming Pool
  • The sports complex has the only indoor swimming pool, in Anyang, that is up to international specifications. It has an ozone filtration and backwash system and maintains its water at the highest domestic standards. In combination with the outdoor pool, training classes are held for workers, adults, youth and children and in the winter season there are amenities such as a wave pool, whirlpool, children’s pool, infant pool, etc.

Indoor ice skating rink
  • The indoor ice skating rink has 1,284 seats for spectators. A systematic program was developed and is being taught by teachers who are specialists, have a background as national representatives, and have the best training experience that has been acknowledged both within Korea and abroad. The advanced education that is being given is adapted to the skills and personalities of each person. The indoor ice skating rink is also home to the Anyang Halla ice hockey team.

The gymnasium
  • The Anyang gymnasium has provided Anyang with the opportunity to be reborn as an athletic city, both domestically and abroad. The 6,690 seats and ultra-modern facilities are good for watching indoor sports competitions such as basketball, volleyball, and handball. It is especially famous for being the place to watch and cheer on the excellent playing of the professional Anyang KGC basketball team. The Anyang gymnasium is equipped with state-of-the-art digital video compilation equipment and has EFP and CCP cameras installed which make it possible to relay its own broadcasts. They also have fiber optic cable for relaying broadcasts and installed CCTVs which allow the entire gymnasium to be monitored. To break free from the boring and merely convenient gymnasium formula, they have made sufficient use of the latest technological advances and take pride in their plan to make their building into a 3-d space that satisfies the desires of the people.

Status of important facilities of the sports complex
Status of important facilities of the sports complex
Name of facility Major facilities Capacity (people) Times available
soccer field 105m x 75m-natural grass 25,000 ☎ +82-31-8045-5216
running track 400m (8 lanes) -
wrestling ring 520m² 500
tennis courts 10.97m x 23.77m (6 courts) 500
swimming pool indoor 25m x 50m x 2m (10 lanes) 950 06:00∼21:00
Closed on the first and third Sunday of every month
On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month open from 09:00~18:00
Every year July ~ August
☎ +82-31-8045-5244~5
outdoor wave pool 723m² 3,000
whirlpool 546m²
children’s pool 459m²
infant pool 180m²
shiso pool 32m²
slide pool 160m²
artificial wall 15.5 h x 10 wide 50 ☎ +82-31-8045-5216
gymnasium main floor 30.5M×52.5M 6,690seats
managed flexibly depending on the official schedule
☎ +82-31-8045-5278~9
ice skating rink 30m×61m 1,284seats