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Anyang Art Park

The Anyang Art Park in the past was famous for its clear water that flowed through the valley between Samseong Mountain and Gwanak Mountain, and its verdant forest, which was surrounded by and in harmony with traditional tea houses and cultural relics. In fact, Anyang Art Park is the new name that was given to the Anyang Pleasure (Amusement) Park. This was the place where visitors to Anyang could enjoy the excellent taste of the grapes that it was famous for. However, after the 1950s a steady increase in visitors and the unordered nature of unapproved housing and restaurants in the area surrounding the valley damaged the beautiful natural environment. Furthermore, because of the dilapidated and feeble facilities and environment, the only sign that it was a pleasure park was, unfortunately, just the name. So it was decided that an effort to turn the Anyang Pleasure Park into a location of international fame would be made. This would be done, to recapture its former glory and create a place of repose for the citizens. To do these things, it was necessary to renovate the housing environment, to destroy pre-existing basic facilities such as the parceling of land, roads, underground drainage, stream facilities, to destroy obsolescent and faulty buildings, build new houses, and organize the surrounding environment. Furthermore, a small dam was built on the upper part of the park's stream so that the water that flowed would be clear for all 4 seasons. Additionally, a man-made waterfall, outdoor stage, exhibition hall, plaza, walking paths, and lighting were installed. Along with reforming the park, these changes were pushing to make the Anyang Public Art Project into the top one of its nature internationally. Famous Korean artists and artists from other countries created 52 works of art throughout the park, such as an observation tower, 1-pyong tower, sky attic room, and fish tears dropping into the lake. And, as mentioned before, the name was changed from ‘Anyang Pleasure Park’ to ‘Anyang Art Park’. In the area surrounding the park, there are mountain paths for hiking that wind through green forests and are loved by the residents of the city and its surrounding areas. There is also Anyang temple, Yeombulam, traditional tea houses, and the number four cultural treasure (the Jungcho Saji Tangan pillars). Additionally, one can find in the park the hidden histories expressed in the seoksu-dong Maaejong (material cultural treasure no. 92 of Gyeonggi-do), Anyang temple Guibu (material cultural treasure no. 93 of Gyeonggi-do), and the Jungcho 3-story stone pagoda (material cultural treasure no. 164 of Gyeonggi-do).

General Status
  • Location : Manan-gu Anyang 2-dong
  • Area : 262,686㎡

Status of facilities
  • Green areas
    • Landscape trees : Zelkova elm trees, etc. 37 species and 114,710 plants
  • Installed facilities
    • Works of art (54 locations, 203 pieces), observation deck (height 28.4m, area 380㎡), exhibition hall (area 780㎡)
    • Artificial waterfall (12m tall x 40m wide), wall fountain (4.1m tall x 18.5m wide), 1 outdoor stage
    • 58 convenience facilities, 2.3km of walking paths, wood deck 2,743㎡ (745.8m long)
    • opening of park : Nov. 2005 (opening of APAP)
Public transportation
  • Subway
    • Anyang Stn. : shuttle bus no. 2
    • Gwanak Stn. : walk 10 minutes from exit 2
  • Bus
    • green city bus : 5624, 5625, 5626, 5530, 5713
    • city bus: 1, 5-1, 51, 703
    • shuttle bus : 6-2 ⇒ get out at ‘Art Park intersection’ and walk 5 minutes
    • shuttle bus : bus number 2 (get on at Anyang Station)
By car
  • from within Anyang, take National road No. 1 (Gyeongsu Industrial Road) in the direction of Seoul, and go straight after turning right at ‘Anyang Art Park intersection’.
Inquiries about the Art Park attractions : +82-31-8045-5552 (Greenery and Parks Dept.)
Inquiries about works of art in the park : +82-31-8045-5124 (Anyang Cultural Art Assoc.)
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