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Hogye Park (Hogye Gongwon)

Hogye Park was designed scenery to be environmentally friendly by making use of the beautiful natural surroundings. It is now a park sought out by city residents who want to use its different convenience facilities and hike up the mountain on the forest side the park.

Some of the important facilities are tennis courts, badminton courts, and an indoor gate bowling space. At Maebong Plaza inside the park, at a place once discarded as a monstrosity because of the Seoul Outer Ring Expressway, the park has been decorated with the theme for the life of the falcon that is heading into the clear blue sky, and there are many sights to see.

General status
  • Location : Anyang, Dongan-gu Hogye-dong 314-12 beonji
  • Area : 366,605㎡

Status of facilities

Green areas
  • Landscaped trees: pines, etc. 45 species and 58,955 plants
  • grass : 73,321㎡
Installed facilities
  • Walking paths : 6 paths, 850m
  • Tennis courts : 6
  • Badminton courts : 12
  • Indoor gate bowling : 3 areas
  • Maebong Plaza : 5,456㎡
  • Basketball courts : 555㎡
  • Parking spaces : 170 spots
  • Convenience facilities : shade awnings, etc. 6 types at 136 spots
  • Exercise facilities : parallel bars, etc. 6 types at 17 spots


Public transportation
  • wide-seat bus : 900, 1650
  • city bus : 1-2, 6, 22
By car
  • The park is located near Gyeongsu Industrial Road which is National road #1.

Information about the surrounding area

The exercise equipment located in Hogye Park is installed next to the path for mountain hiking. There is also a gate bowling area, tennis courts, badminton courts, etc. and lifestyle sports and exercise facilities located nearby so you can partake in a variety of recreational activities at the park.

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