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Hakun Park (Hakun Gongwon)

Hakun Park is connected to the Hakui Stream that crosses the city. It follows the banks of the Hakui Stream for 1.4 km along a walking path under cherry blossom trees. There are additional walk paths inside the park itself which provide a space for walking and reflecting for many people. Additionally, there is a soccer field and exercise facilities. These, also help it to be an extremely popular place of leisure in the city because of the multiple ways it can be used.

General Status
  • Location : Anyang, Dongan-gu Bisan-dong 1110 beonji
  • Area : approx. 52,842㎡

Status of facilities

Green areas
  • Landscaping trees : Storb Pine Nut, etc. 23 species and 33,108 plants
  • grass : 35,220㎡
Installed facilities
  • Stores and management locations : 1
  • Bathrooms : 2
  • Parking lots : 44 spots
  • Multi-purpose exercise area/playground : 1
  • Convenience facilities : shade awnings, etc. 8 types in 199 locations
  • Exercise equipment : hip-swings, etc. 42 pieces of equipment of 11 types


Public transportation
  • shuttle bus : 6
By car
  • It is next to Hakui Stream inside Pyeongchon Shindoshi (“new town”), across from Gwanak Information and Industry High School and Hiseong Elementary School

Information about the surrounding area

Hakun Park can be used to enjoy the walk along the Hakui Stream or for a variety of exercise and sports activities.

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