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Jungang Park (Jungang Gongwon)

Jungang Park1

Jungang Park is a spacious 119,843㎡ that has various landscaped trees, convenience facilities (stores and recreation spaces), and sports facilities (tennis courts, multi-purpose playgrounds, badminton courts, gate bowling area, X-game area, etc.). The park also interestingly has themes on the four seasons, with a garden for the spring, one for the summer, the fall, and the winter as well. The different types of flowers and trees that are put in this garden are suited to the season of its namesake and this makes for beautiful scenery that will stir up the sentiments of the residents and contributes to the construction of a pleasant city environment.

The water facilities in the park include 207 m of streams and different shaped fountains, such as symbolic fountains, screen fountains, tunnel fountains, and floor fountains. These excite and delight children and clean the hearts of those who are partaking in the urban lifestyle.

Around these areas there are beautiful structures and spacious paths that offer greenery and shade, and the LED color scenery that lights up the fountains at night provides a beautiful light that creates a relaxing ambiance. So, a lot of people are paying attention to the parks. Finally, on the car-less streets on Saturdays and Sundays, unlike the repose offered inside the park, there one can find the Aldul Flea Market and enjoy a cultural space for people to come together in.

Jungang Park2

- General Facts
- Location : Anyang, Dongan-gu Pyeongan-dong
- Area : approx. 119,000㎡
- a park based on a 4-season theme : spring garden, summer
   garden, fall garden, winter garden
- water facilities : 207m of streams and symbolic fountains,
   screen fountains ,umbrella fountains, floor fountains
- Inline skate rink :18,572㎡

Present status of the facilities

Green areas
  • types of landscaping trees : pines, etc. 32 species and 46,303 plants
  • grass : 68,663㎡
Installed facilities
  • Management station : 1
  • Tennis courts : 1 place, 4 courts
  • Soccer fields : 1
  • Children’s playgrounds : 448㎡
  • Bathrooms : 3
  • X-game area : 880㎡
  • Badminton courts : 4 courts
  • Parking : 84 spots
  • Convenience facilities : awnings providing shade, etc. 8 types at 315 locations
  • Sports facilities : hip-twisters, etc. 4 types at 11 locations
Information about the surroundings

  • Located around the Jungang Park are Anyang City Hall, the mail collection facility, etc. and it is convenient to park in the underground parking structure for the ‘lovely square’.


Public Transportation
  • A 5 minute walk from Pyeongchon Station (subway line 4), across from Anyang City Hall
  • City bus, take bus numbers 1, 3, 6, 60, 552, 10, 11-5, 16-1, 301, 917
  • Seat bus, take bus numbers 300, 303, 333
  • Shuttle bus, take bus numbers 5, 7, 6, 5-1, 6-1, 6-2, 10, 10-1, 8
By car
  • It is located inside Pyeongchon Shindoshi (“new town”) and is close to Anyang City Hall and the mail collection facility.
  • There is a “lovely square” underground parking lot next to the inline skating rink