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Recycled goods sales center

The city of Anyang is running a “trail operation of offering used furniture and appliance support” to help realize the economy of resources and to expand the culture of sharing.

Two support classes have been formed and are being run to offer support to low-income families. The program is running based on the voluntary participation of recycling centers within the districts and is operating a “system of collecting before disposal” of old and used appliances and furniture. They are also accepting voluntary contributions made by residents.

They have also designated the third Wednesday of every month as “used furniture and appliance delivery day” and are delivering the products needed by low-income families of four to five people.

Operating Status
  • Date of operation : March, 2010
  • Targets of support : low-income families within the district
  • Types of support : furniture, electrical appliances, etc.
  • Method of application : submit an application to the cleaning superintendent at the local‘dong residence center’ or the supervisor in charge of Social Welfare
  • Support procedure : the goods in question will be delivered to applicants in the order that the applications were received
  • Manan-gu Recycling Center ☎ +82-31-444-7282
  • Dongan-gu Recycling Center ☎ +82-31-453-7282