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Thrifty Sharing Market

Thrifty Sharing Market is operated to save on resources and promote recycling. The market operates on the principle of the exchange and sale of daily use articles that can be reused. It is being expanded on as a space where all the city residents can participate in a wholesome and sound living culture.

Summary of Operations
  • Date of establishment : 2014. 4. 5. (Sat.)
  • Operating period : April ~ Nov. 2014 (every Saturday)
    • break during the summer hot period at the end of July and August
  • Operating times : 12:00 ~ 18:00 (winter, 17:00)
  • Location : Pyeongchon Central Park Street “car-free street”
    • Section : Mail Collection Facility → company building for Joseon Ilbo (712 spots)
    • Designated student area : only for elementary/middle/high school students (80 spots)
  • Types of products : second-hand items that can be reused (clothing, toys, books, etc.)
    • no brand-new or food type products (based on the operating principle of Thrifty Sharing Market)
  • Social groups of each ‘dong resident center’ are free to participate (designated seats will be allocated)
    • Groups participating will each be delegated their separate areas that they will be in charge of
  • Submission of participation form and spot allocation
    • The person managing the event will verify the eligibility (Anyang city residence) and then allocate seats using a lottery
  • Anyang City Hall Cleaning Administration Department ☎ +82-31-8045-5755
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