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Hogye Market (Hogye Shijang)

The reputation that the Hogye Market has for being cheap and having friendly people has spread all the way to the city of Uiwang, whose people often go shopping there. Many people come looking for cheap livestock products and fish, as well as cheap clothing. Seeing the shopkeepers cooperate like a family and take care of each other clearly brings to mind the markets of the countryside.
The Hogye Market was formed in a district centered around streets where there are many houses. Suitable to a market in such a residential location, the market is a kind of general market that sells products that are to be used in people’s daily lives. Like other traditional markets, Hogye Market is also comprised of shops that are officially registered as belonging to the market and others that sprouted up in the surrounding area.

  • Location : the area around Anyang Dongan-gu Hogye 1-dong 997
  • Operating times : 9 AM ~ 12 midnight
  • Store count : 572 stores (including the surrounding area)
  • Types of products : daily use articles, vegetables, fruit, fish, dried fish, ingredients for making side dishes, etc.
  • Facilities : 3 parking lots (1 public and 2 private), 1 bathroom
  • How to get there
    • city buses (1-2, 6-2, 60, 10, 11-5, 301, 300, 900)
    • shuttle bus #8
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