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Bakdal Market (Bakdal Shijang)

The Bakdal Market is located between the Bakdal oohwhay road and Baksungno (another road). You will see it after going past the Baksungkyo (the Baksuk bridge).
The market was established in 1979 and got listed on the registry of officially certified markets in 2005. There are about 100 or so surrounding streets of shops (butcher shops, chicken restaurants, beauty salons, grain sellers, laundromats, etc.) and roadside shops cover the streets and are packed together throughout the market.
The market is located in an area frequented by many people daily and accordingly carries vegetables, fruit, clothing, sundry, and other items. The visual characteristic that symbolizes the Bakdal Market is the lines of shops selling sundry items, vegetables, fruits and clothing all side by side while creating a single front.
And so the feeling the market has is that it is a market that is there first and foremost for the citizens. All the local citizens agree that it’s the place to go to, notwithstanding some special reason, perhaps because there is no large-sized discount mart or department store anywhere nearby. It is a place where the locals meet and swap stories as well as hagglers who are haggling in a noisy hubbub like that of the country.

  • Date founded : 1979
  • Location : Anyang Manan-gu Bakdal 1-dong 52-1
  • Operating hours : 9 AM ~ 11 PM
  • Store count : 140 stores
  • Types of products : meats, rice and cereals, vegetables, fruit, dried fish, products for daily life
  • Directions
    • bus numbers 3-1, 6, 8, 8-1, 81, 3, 31-7, 32, 35, 350, 11, 12, 88
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