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Nambu Market (Nambu Shijang)

Generally speaking, the Nambu Market and the Central Agricultural Market are combined and referred to simply as the Nambu Market. The products are received between 9 PM the previous day until 6 PM the following day. The products that come in from the area where they were grown are sold until 12 o’clock at the retail market. Both sides of the access road for the bus stop to the market are lined by retailers selling vegetables, fruit, and agricultural products. These are the people who dictate most of the supply of fresh vegetables and greens to the citizens of Anyang. One might have supposed that the sudden quick sprouting up of large-sized retail stores would have lessened the importance of the market. Instead, it has continued to hold onto the title because of the loyalty of its customers, the 7 car lane central road (Jungang-no) that runs in both directions, and the 30 or so bus lanes that put it in the middle of the transportation feeds. Because it does both retail and wholesale, the Central Market is blessed with both low-prices and fresh fruits and vegetables in a way that other markets cannot compare to.
On the wholesale side, it is possible to buy fruits and vegetables cheaply in bulk, whereas on the retail side, it could be referred to as a shopper’s paradise because of for the variety of stores.

  • Location : the area of Anyang Manan-gu Anyang 1-dong 622~229
  • Hours of operation : wholesale (midnight ~ 6 AM) / retail (8 AM ~ 11 PM)
  • Area and store count : 189,106㎡, 218 stores
  • Products sold : vegetables, fruits, products from the sea, dried fish, etc.
  • Facilities : 5 parking lots (1 public and 4 private), public bathrooms
  • Directions
    • Within walking distance from Anyang Station, and the majority of the buses that operate in the downtown Anyang area pass by the Nambu Market. 8-1, 10, 11-3, 15, 15-2, 16-1, 1, 1-2, 20, 3, 5, 8, 8-2,88, 9, 9-3, 11-1, 31-7, 32, 35, 350, 303, 333, 1650, 5531 (old #98), 5624 (old #99), 5623 (old #104), 5625 (old #103), 5626 (old #103-1), 5713 (old #703), 5530 (old #104-1)
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