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Instructions about using the public libraries (http://www.anyanglib.or.kr)

Our area contains a Children’s Library and 6 other public libraries located in Seoksu, Manan, Bakdal, Pyeongchon, Hogye, and Bisan. These libraries contain 1,110,000 volumes.

The libraries have material viewing rooms, normal reading rooms, rooms for digital materials, viewing rooms where parents and children can read together, and movie viewing rooms where movies can be enjoyed for free. The libraries are also running programs like the orally narrated children’-story program. Members can use the libraries not only to read but also to get together and discuss.

For those people who cannot come directly to the library, there are 3 buses with books that circulate on a weekly basis around Anyang. These moving libraries lend out books and are available for your convenience. By becoming a member of the moving libraries, you can borrow books on the day when they come to your area.

In addition to the libraries, each dong (local area) has a village library and study rooms which function as small libraries. Books can also be borrowed from these places.