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Language Development Support

The Center supports multi-cultural family's children's language development by evaluating their language development status and offering proper language education to those who have difficulty in communicating with others.

Summary of the Program
  • Period : Throughout the year
  • Place : Language Development Classroom of Anyang Multi-cultural Family Support Center
  • Subject : Multi-cultural family children who need language ability evaluation and language education (under 12 years old)
    • Infant caring facilities with more than 2 infants are eligible for this service
    • ※ Exclusion ※
    • Those who are being supported by a similar program provided by the central or local government
    • Those who are participating in the Korean Language Education or Children's Life Service program that is a part of the Multi-cultural Family Visit Service
  • Service
    • Language Development Evaluation : Parents interview and language ability evaluation (1~4 session)
    • Language Development Education : 2 times/week(40 minutes/session)
    • Class Type : Individual class(1:1 class), collective class (more than 2 students)
Contact No.
  • Multi-cultural Family Support Center ☎031-8045-5709(Operator : Um So-Yeong)