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Interpretation & Translation Service

The Center will support marriage immigrants to improve their independent living ability by helping them to communicate with others in the Korean language and to have interpretation from translation experts.

Summary of the Program
  • Language : Vietnamese Language (1 person)
  • Period : Throughout the year(Mon ~ Fri/ 09:00 ~ 18:00)
  • Service
    • Counseling in the early immigration stage on family lives and cultural differences
    • Supporting the settlement of marriage immigrants and information on the acquirement of nationality and long-term stay
    • Providing information on pregnancy, childbirth, child care and daily living
    • Providing interpretation and translation service when using administrative, judicial or medical institutes
    • Providing interpretation and translation service when using public institutions such as hospitals, health centers, police stations and schools
Contact No.
  • Multi-cultural Family Support Center ☎031-8045-5706(Operator : Jeon Soo-Jeong)