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Individual Family Counseling

The Center provides multi-cultural families with psychological and emotional stability through counseling on the problems of individuals and families and supports them to improve problem-solving abilities through self-development so that they can prevent family problems and maintain a healthy family.

Summary of the Program
  • Period : Throughout the year(Mon~Fri 09:00~18:00)
  • Place : Multi-cultural Family Support Center
  • Service
    • Husband & Wife : Communication, cultural difference, child care, extramarital affairs, running away from home, separation, violence, pregnancy and childbirth
    • Parents & Children : Communication, cultural difference, family conflict, violence, support and nursing
    • Children Counseling : Communication, conflict with parents, study and career, relationships with girl friends/boy friends, peer relationship, school violence, pregnancy, misdeed and violence
    • Sex Counseling : Sexual dissatisfaction, sexual violence, venereal disease and information on sex
    • Finance Counseling : Economic difficulty, employment and business establishment and economic counseling.
    • Emotion Counseling : Counseling on emotional problems
    • Health Counseling : Counseling on diseases, disability and health
Contact No.
  • Multi-cultural Family Support Center ☎031-8045-5709(Operator : Choi Eun-Sil)