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Child Support

This program offers information about the art of raising children and information related to infants. Participants will improve their understanding of their children and learn how to relieve stress and lessen the burden of raising children. Improving their understanding and releasing stress will help participants as they begin to settle into the local community and will stabilize their family life.

Outline of Program
  • When : July ~ August, November ~ December 10:00~13:00
  • Where : the Sharing Wisdom Room of the Center
  • Contents
    • Methods of promoting the health of children (managing the health of infants, methods of preventing safety accidents, emergency medical treatment, etc.)
    • Education about the role of the parent (education about communication, play instruction, the attitude parents have towards child-raising, etc.)
  • ※ The above schedule is subject to change depending on the needs of the center.

  • The Multi-cultural Family Support Center ☎ 031-8045-5705