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The toy rental store

The toy rental store is offered to lighten the economic burden on parents and provide children with an opportunity to play with a variety of toys. The store is called "Love for Children Toyland". We hope that the store helps to grow hopes and dreams, and becomes a place where your children will really feel their mother’s love. We encourage our citizens to make good use of the store.

Introduction to the Facility

  • Location : Anyang Manan-gu Anyang-ro 128 Manan-gu District Office in front of the parking building, 2nd floor of Annabada Sangsul store.
  • Area of facility : 86㎡
  • Number of toys : approx. 1,200
  • Inside of the facility : free playroom, rental room

Operational Status
  • Date opened : 2005. 10. 17
  • Types of users : citizens with children who have not yet entered school and who list Anyang as their residence and on their national ID cards
  • Hours of operation : 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Mon. ~ Fri.)
    • Open until 9 PM every Tuesday
  • Yearly membership fee : 5,000 won (free for people on basic assistance, low income families, and families with a handicapped person)
  • Number of toys that can be borrowed : 1~3 toys per person at one time
  • Rental period : 7 days
  • Love for Children Toyland ☎ +82-31-8045-3528