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Support Services for Childcare

We offer support for the operational expenses of childcare facilities to offer better services.
  • support for personnel expenses for government-run facilities
  • support for educational materials for private and public childcare facilities
  • support for expenses for running a private childcare facility and for the expenses of parents, graded by income
  • support for repair work and environmental improvement work for nationally run facilities
  • support for joint sports days involving childcare centers
  • support for children snacks
We have plans in place to improve the quality of childcare by offering social support and improving the specialized nature of childcare instructors.
  • support for fees incurred from improving the treatment of instructors and assistants at government-run facilities
  • support for expenses incurred as a result of providing better treatment of instructors at private facilities
  • we supplement the instructor's fee for the sake of improving the specialization of facility instructors and to promote educational expenses that improve the quality of facilities
  • offer model instructors the opportunity to pursue their studies
We support the specialization of childcare so that the diverse needs of those receiving childcare services can be met.
  • support for the operating expenses for night-time facilities and 24 hour childcare facilities.
  • support for educational expenses for materials at specialized public facilities (for the handicapped, etc.)
  • support for personnel expenses for night-time facilities
  • support for pay for instructors working extended hours, providing complete childcare for infants, and servicing the handicapped