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The Incentive System

Our city is contributing to bringing life to the local economy by luring in industry. We have special policies in place, including special packages offering capital support to nurture small and medium businesses as well as monetary incentives to lure businesses.

Guarantee of capital for nurturing small and medium businesses
  • Scale of financing : 100 bn Won (first half of year: 80 bn Won, second half of year: 20 bn Won)
  • Forms of the capital : working capital, technology development capital, facilities capital
  • Targets of financing : manufacturers and knowledge/information service businesses related to manufacturing falling in 517 different categories
  • Term of financing : 3 years, 5 years (repayment in lump sum at end of term or in installments over the period)
  • Loan limit : 500 million won per business (special support of 3 billion won)
    • Eligibility for special support : facility capital funds for businesses moving within the district and growth companies (3 billion won)
    • Or businesses who have made the down payment after signing a sales contract for building or land
  • Bank offering the financing : Nonghyup.Industrial Bank.KB.Shinhan.Woori.Hana.Korea Foreign Exchange. Citi.SC First (9 banks)
The incentive money for luring companies
  • Eligibility
    • Domestic companies and foreign investment businesses (headquarters/main office, factories, research centers)
    • Offered to attract foreign investment capital
    • Excluded types of businesses
    • Collection/transportation/handling of waste material and recycling businesses, waste water treatment, warehousing companies, freight terminals, businesses managing/installing logistics facilities, transportation companies, real estate, wholesale and intermediaries, construction businesses, remixed concrete, industrial companies, companies producing environmental pollution e.g. noise, vibrations, waste
  • Incentive money
Incentive money
Sales amount and capital, no. employees civilians government employees
limit (10,000 won) limit (10,000 won) performance bonus pts
2 ~5 bn won 20+ 200 200 0.5
5 ~10 bn won, 30+ 500 400 1.0
10 ~20 bn won, 40+ 1,000 600 1.5
20 ~30 bn won, 50+ 1,500 800 2,0
30 ~50 bn won, 60+ 2,000 1,200 3.0
50 ~100 bn won, 70+ 2,500 1,600 4.0
100 bn won +, 100 + 5,000 2,000 5.0
  • Note: only half of the government workers will be supplied for the related work
  • Exclusions to the incentive money will be made in the following cases
    • When moving into the Anyang area because of employees, relatives, or the business
    • People involved in real-estate (businesses focused on the allocation of empty/non-rented spaces, real estate brokers, etc.)
    • When they have moved into an industrial area within the last 5 years
    • When moving into a rented property