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Key Policies

An open administration
  • Collection of the opinions of citizens for the sake of communication
  • A transparent budget and a guarantee of financial health
  • A public environment that is clean and vibrant
  • Pre-eminency of resolving citizen grievances

A better quality of life
A city with quality education
  • Environmentally friendly school food that is free of dangerous substances
  • Educational support that invests in people first
  • Active and positive efforts to eliminate educational discrepancies
  • A city of life-long education that satisfies the citizens
Welfare reform
  • Formation of a welfare community working together
  • Making the welfare policy efficient
  • Stabilizing welfare services for different classes
  • Healthy citizens make for a healthy city
Creation of cultural spaces that citizens participate in
  • Restoration of the pride in Anyang as a soccer city
  • Unifying different festivals and abolishing events that citizens find exclusionary
  • A mecca for culture and sports making Anyang interesting to the citizens
  • Specialization of the programs of the citizen-run center

A green city
Establish a city plan that puts citizens first
  • Re-evaluating the city plan of Anyang
  • Investigate industries with a connection to the future of Anyang
Renovate the water environment
  • Establish a basic plan for water service
  • Improve the water quality of streams
A convenient residential lifestyle
  • Set up a strategic greening policy
  • Create a clean atmosphere
  • A convenient and safe transportation infrastructure

A vibrant economy
Prepare new electricity for the vision of the future
  • Move the Anyang section of the national railway line No. 1 underground
  • Attract regional businesses that are looking towards the future
Promote utilitarian economic activity
  • Put in place support programs for medium and small businesses
  • Enact an employment policy focused on the end user
  • Foster the high-tech knowledge-based industry
Economic activity that does not alienate
  • Protection of traditional markets and local business districts
  • Fostering of city farming and social businesses